Features that make E-commerce’s sales boost.

The key to a successful eCommerce website is functionality, features, and design. There are features you must have if you’re running an online business and have an eCommerce website. In this article, we have included a full list of standard eCommerce features for E-commerce giant Amazon. 

Faster loading feature  

A website’s speed is one of the most important metrics of eCommerce success.  It helps increase SEO and provides a better user experience (UX) to visitors. Users might be impressed by your website’s design but get frustrated if it is too slow. 

A User-Friendly Menu 

A user-friendly menu is a crucial element of any ecommerce site. Users usually expect a horizontal menu across the top of the website, and a vertical menu down the left side.   

Filtering and Advanced Search 

search and filtering are top ecommerce website design features as they enable customers to find the products, they are looking for quickly and with ease. Filters allow shoppers to narrow down product lists and focus on the products they’re actually interested in, skipping over the pages and products they don’t need.  

High-Quality Photos  

websites should display high-quality, eye-catching photos optimized for page load. Just think, when you are shopping, would you purchase a product that looks poor? You may be selling the top-quality products in your ecommerce store, but if the photos of your products look bad, people are unlikely to buy them.  

Make sure that your photos can be viewed from different angles, especially if you’re selling jewellery, watches, or customized items. 

Product Catalogue 

A comprehensive product catalogue is one of the key features of ecommerce websites and is a major conversion driver. A product catalogue is a detailed listing of a store’s inventory. The information usually includes images and descriptions of the products, delivery options, order fulfilment charges, and the number of SKUs available. 

Product Reviews 

Adding reviews to an ecommerce website drives social proof and increases customer loyalty. Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Giving your customers the opportunity to post feedback on the products will give your website credibility as it proves that you have real customers. Furthermore, customer reviews add keywords to your online shop, which will improve its search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization), which is another crucial element of any ecommerce website. 

Special Offers and Discounts 

People will purchase more because they think they’re saving more. Limited offers give customers the now-or-never drive to finish a purchase while they’re already on your site instead of saving it for later. Provide private sales for registered users, create “buy one, get two” promotions – all this will make your customer want to buy from you.