ERP/CRM Solutions

ERP/CRM Solutions

Mofosys empowers you with ease to manage, ability to analyze and track the customer’s data by creating powerful CRM solutions. We also help in transforming the businesses with our custom ERP solutions also which help in optimizing the business process. Our enterprise solutions are powerful, scalable, affordable and reliable which meet the needs of industries of all sizes, helping them to acquire-convert-retain their customers while optimizing the business process simultaneously.


Our cutting edge, simple and easily adaptable ERP & CRM software (built-in with client specific needs) furnish long run customer relationship, effective time management, increase in sales, inventory management, financial accounting, project management, business process optimization which consequently accelerate your business growth and empower it.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, it’s very difficult to manage customer and business data manually. Despite of having industry’s best resources, you ought to have an ERP and CRM software to manage your customer database and information flow in your business.


Our exclusively integrated ERP/CRM tools delivers:

  • Ease of business process optimization
  • Custom reports on sales, purchases and inventory to minimize losses
  • Custom financial reports
  • Effective project management tailor made for your industry
  • Personalized customer experience, deeper customer insights, brand loyalty
  • Multilevel Security regularly monitoring and protecting your employees access and usage ensuring your data belongs to you and now forever
  • Built-In Flexibility assuring freedom to choose best deployment method to move from our cloud to your cloud and back as your business requirements change