5 things you must ask your ERP implementation partner before buying an ERP.

An ERP system is an important decision that will have a major impact on the future of your business. It is a process that deserves in-depth analysis and contemplation. Below some questions have been summarized that you should definitely ask before you buy an ERP. 

  1. Do you know and understand the business problems your organization’s business leaders plan to solve with ERP? 

Figuring out the specific issues that cause your company pain may take some digging, but is extremely beneficial when making a huge decision such as this. 

2) Does your organization have a business-application vendor already? 

If you already work with a vendor that works for you, your decision is already made. However, if you’re not happy with the performance of your current vendor, you don’t have to be stuck. 

  1. Does your organization have any legacy ERP systems to contend with?  

Mergers and acquisitions are all too familiar these days and, in this scenario, a newly expanded company is likely to have business applications from more than one ERP vendor scattered across the company. 

  1. Is a vertical ERP solution suitable for your organization? 

A vertical solution approach may speed up deployment and decrease the amount of customization you require to fully support your business processes.  

  1. What functionality will your organization actually use? 

Not many organizations need a complete end to end solution, so certain ERP functionality may be too specialized to be very useful to your business. You may also already have solutions in place that do some of those tasks. Make sure you’re aware of these to make sure integration is seamless.