We Develop

Website development is a full fledged process in itself.

Our typical software, app & web development phase comprises of following steps:

  • Site definition and planning
  • Information architecture
  • Site design
  • Site construction
  • Site marketing
  • Tracking, evaluation, and maintenance

Acquiring all the basic requirements and needed information about the domain names, web hosting, search options and many other building blocks necessary for website design along with designing specifications and layouts, we break out the design elements, and jump into code.

Involving many other core tasks such as building the site structure, constructing the templates, importing data, publishing content, and creating news stories and events, etc. Along with it rigorous testing is performed for functionality and performance throughout this stage. It is that part of the process, where all your imaginations and visual ideas and planning takes place into  reality.

Our team of best web designers and developers, considering all the individual elements of good graphic design from the prototype, creates an actual functional website. This is typically done by first developing the home page, followed by a “shell” for the interior pages.

The shell serves as a template for the content pages of your site, as it contains the main navigational structure for the web site. Once the shell has been created, your designer will take your content and distribute it throughout the site, in the appropriate areas.