Project Description

Client needed legacy system migration to overcome their existing failures.

Our Server Management Services successfully  delivered resource optimization, higher scalability, better website performance, faster data speed and quicker workload balancing over the Internet.

Mandi5 is known for their ability to source ingredient fresh from farm fields and deliver it to your food table from all the corners of India. However, with the advancement in technology there old software was unable to work in line with the business today. The online portal was lacking in creating the vow impression on their customers consequently losing potential traffic and sales generation.

Our engineers performed analysis over existing application technology, website traffic, server logs and other patterns to come up with the system which is robust, flexible, configurable and accessible from anywhere from any device. 

By working collaboratively with Mandi5, our team was able to deliver

  • Catalogue management
  • Server handlings and update
  • Web hosting support
  • Data migration
  • Maintenance and after support

Remodelling old applications into resource-efficient and optimal applications in-house or for the cloud making it universally compatible.