CRM Solutions

Empowering individuals to build remarkable customer relationships.

CRM Solutions – Our cutting edge, simple and easily adaptable, CRM softwares (built-in with client specific needs) furnish long run Customer Relationship, Effective Time Management, Increase in Sales, and Strong Team Collaboration directly accelerating your business growth.

We provide  Powerful, Affordable and Reliable CRM solutions meeting  the needs of industries of all sizes, helping  them to acquire-convert-retain their customers.

Our exclusively integrated CRM tools delivers:

  • Personalized customer experience, deeper customer insights, brand loyalty.
  • Multi level Security regularly monitoring and protecting your employees access and usage ensuring your data belongs to you and now forever.
  • Built-In Flexibility assuring  freedom to choose best deployment method  to move from our cloud to your cloud and back as your business requirements change.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, it’s very difficult to organize customer data manually. Despite of having industry’s best resources, you must have an organized CRM software to manage and track all your customer’s information.

Mofosys Technologies gives you the ease to manage, analyse and track the customer’s data by creating some powerful CRM solutions.

In order to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your customers, our three way approach.


  • Effectively Manages customer accounts  
  • Search on any field and create one-click access to frequently used customer and prospect lists.
  • Manage sales territories by setting up parameters for lead assignment and record access.
  • Track key stakeholders and identify their role in the organisation.
  • Identifying key areas of existing sales, requiring improvisation.
  • Effectively managing sales lead in a real time, leading to higher sales conversion and revenue.
  • Allows you to Manage appointments, view customer and prospect data and monitor key metrics from any location at any time through any web-enabled mobile device.


  • Allows you track, segment and manage relevant information of your targeted customers and prospects within your CRM.
  • Execute multi-phased email campaigns, Telemarketing campaigns that automatically nurture relationships over time.
  • Customizing online enquiries, helps you to carry out variety of marketing campaigns, from free trials to event registration, online surveys and more.
  • CRM helps you run campaigns, execute your marketing strategy and generate more quality leads.

Customer service

  • User-friendly, easily workable and accessible CRM services, arms your Customer Service team with all the information they need to answer questions, resolve issues quickly and turn customers into champions.
  • One unified platform acquiring customer’s entire relevant information needed for resolution-focused conversation.
  • Easily raise both resolution as well as complaint tickets with all the required data along with quick access feature.
  • Record and manage call accuracy for both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Monitor and evaluate team performance index, accordingly built dashboards and customizable reports.
  • Other than CRM software solutions, we do provide web design and development services, cloud based solutions, digital marketing and SEO services, graphic designing, Ecommerce design & development, and other software solutions.